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"The Optician" - Short Film


Best International Short Film - Okanagan International Film Festival (Canada) 2009

Best Comedy Short - Eugene International Film Festival (USA) 2009




Austin Film Festival (Texas, USA) Oct 2008

Bermuda International Film Festival (Bermuda) March 2009

Wood Green International Film Festival (London, UK) 2009

Newport Beach Film Festival (CA, USA) April 2009

Mainline Film Festival (Pennsylvania, USA) April 2009

The Delta Int'l Film and Video Festival (Cleveland USA) April 2009

Okanagan Int'l Film Festival (Kelowna, Canada) April 2009

Riverside International Film Festival (CA, USA) April 2009

Rincon International Film Festival (Puerto Rico) April 2009

Big Island Film Festival (Hawaii) May 2009

Naoussa Short Film & Video Festival (Greece) May 2009

Nickel Independent Film Festival (Canada) June 2009

Cinema City International Film & Media Festival (Serbia) June 2009

Leith Short Film Festival (Scotland) June 2009

San Antonio Film Festival (Mexico) June 2009

Notting Hill Film Festival (London, UK) July 2009

LA Shorts Fest (Los Angeles, USA) July 2009

Sacramento Film & Music Festival (USA) July 2009

Alpinale Short Film Festival (Austria) August 2009

Strasbourg International Film Festival (France) August 2009

HD Fest (NY, USA) Oct 2009

Eugene International Film Festival (Oregon, USA) Oct 2009

Naples International Film Festival (Florida, USA) Nov 2009


Befuddled optician John is in love with his shop assistant, Barbara. Petrified, John panics whenever in her presence. Until, one day John finds a pair of glasses that see 10 seconds into the future. They must be able to help win him Barbara's heart... surely?

Starring Chris Barrie and Carolyn Tomkinson


Written & Directed by Jane McGee

Produced by Chris Billows


Production Company: Distant Light Films

Length: 15 minutes

Year: 2008


Best Int'l Short Film


Film Festival



Best Comedy Short


Film Festival


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