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"The Reckoning" - TV Series Proof of Concept

Starring Hannah Grace May & Dani McCallum


Created & Produced by Jennah Dirksen

Directed by Jane McGee


This scene was shot as a Proof of Concept for "The Reckoning", a TV Series in development with Jennah Dirksen. For more information contact Jennah at



Andy Jones was the promising protege of contract killer, Eva Moore. But after a particularly grizzly job, Andy turned her back on the business, leaving Eva angry and betrayed. 

A year later, Andy has a loving fiancé and a blissfully normal life... until one night she is attacked by a masked man. She manages to fight him off, but as she heads for home she encounters Eva. 


Certain that Eva was behind the attack, Andy lashes out and a vicious fight ensues. Eva overpowers Andy, but stops short of killing her. Eva insists they are both in danger and must work together to uncover the threat. Distrustful of Eva, but unable to return to her quiet life, Andy has no choice but to agree to an alliance and return to an underworld of killers in search of the truth.


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